The taxi driver

   Our taxi driver veered off the highway through town down a dusty, narrow street. It wasn’t in the plan but what the heck. Resisting the arm waving ‘heyllooo’ shouting enthusiasm and generosity of Uzbeks is just futile. At the side of the substantial corn filled yard stood our driver’s wife. With paddle in hand she unglued the hot nan/lepioshka bread off the wood heated … Continue reading The taxi driver

Uzbek Watermelon

Never in my life have I tasted such an incredibly crisp, dripping watermelon slice. The smiling Uzbek market vendor guaranteed it and he definitely delivered. We have cycled down from the coolness of the thinner mountain air into the fertile Fergana valley area of Uzbekistan. Not only have temperatures pushed up to 35 C, but faces have rounded and softened, colourful fresh produce has reappeared, … Continue reading Uzbek Watermelon