‘I Have To Go’

Laundry? Check. Bills paid? Check. Letter of invitation to Uzbekistan application in? Check. Reduced bike load? Check. It is looking like we are nearing our final preparation stages before heading off to Kyrzgystan tomorrow. My bicycle and I are eyeing each other, throwing the occasional wink. 

Thank you to all of you who have been sharing comments, stories, notes, poems, research, requests, emails and photos with us. You have made me smile.  Buoyed my spirit. Filled this soul with validation after so many ‘you’re-going-where’?! You have also made me weep. Deeply. Tears for humanity. 

I opened my email one morning and was floored by the gift I received. It was a poem called ‘I Have to Go’. I have been wanting to have guest posts and this just sang to me. Thank you so much Wanda Sawicki for letting me share your beautiful words. I am honoured. Serdecznie dziękuję. 

I Have To Go



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